Skin Hygiene


Skin Hygiene - Skin care with natural active ingredients
The skin is a true marvel. With a surface area of almost two square meters and about one-sixth of our body weight, the skin is our body’s largest organ. The skin has many duties:

  • It protects against chemical, physical and biological effects of the environment
  • It stores water, fat and salts
  • It supports the regulation of our body temperature
  • It signals pain, cold, heat, pressure and contact
The skin is in direct contact with the environment. It is therefore exposed to a variety of influences, both in our private and professional environment. When healthy, it is amazingly resistant. Skin can however be afflicted by long-lasting diseases when overly stressed. Our skincare and hygiene program below ensures that your skin is pampered and its naturally protective “acid mantle” remains intact. All the products listed below are dermatologically safe and have been proven in practice. For more technical information simply request our “Skincare Guide”.


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